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Mar 10, PM in response to planb77 In response to planb Took about 15 min but eventually my computer recognized the shuffle. Mar 10, PM. I went for a run last week and ran my iPod shuffle down to the bones, totally dead battery. Later, it was unresponsive in charging. I tried all of the tricks everyone has mentioned to fix it, to no avail. My laptop was not open. This morning all green lights baby. Perhaps this trick will work for any other poor shmucks who ruin their batts listening to music to loud while running 5 miles at 7 mins a pop.

Happy trails. Sep 10, AM. Communities Contact Support. Some songs don't match, and when I try to play songs on my iPhone when traveling, it has to go through the download process. Whereas with my iPod, all the music is right there, ready to go. I keep my iPod juiced at all times in the car, so the battery is rarely a problem. You've made a good case, Bakari. But not only did I opt for a Creative player rather than an iPod mainly to avoid iTunes the combo of a smartphone and Spotify now means it never leaves my house.

Well, I can kind of agree with you about Spotify. But what holds me back is that the Rdio player doesn't have smart playlists which is what I still like on my iPod, and iTunes. Yeah, it really only has one benefit, the capacity. There is nothing else that makes it special. Especially for people smart enough to avoid iTunes.

Hmm, I don't know of anything better than iTunes. I really don't have any problems with it.

How to waterproof iPod shuffle? - iPod Shuffle 4th Generation - iFixit

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. This is what Totally Shuffled is all about. A year of listening to music on a broken iPod. Every day for a whole year. Different artist every. I adlraey own an iPod classic. The iPod Touch is great for Web browsing; you could go on Facebook while you eat at a food court or a cafe.

You Might Actually Love This iPod Shuffle for Spotify

My husband and I plan to share one iPod Touch. If it is the music that interests you, get the classic. The lighter Nano is more practical if you want to use it at the gym. I store all my music on an external hard drive, woe betide you if you launch iTunes and don't have the drive connected, you'll have to sort you library again, I have over 90gb of audio you can imagine how long it takes to sort that out, I've had to do it more than once.

As far as the iPod classic is concerned I quite like it the storage is the main reason I bought it, what it's missing is a crossfade function. I am constantly checking the market for an alternative to the iPod as soon as I find one thats reliable I will dispell Apple from my life iTunes has caused me so much pain and suffering I only use it because i have an Pod. Final work I organise my music the way I like to not the way Apple programmer say I should. The best thing about ipod is that is it is GB! I love to have thw whole collection with me when on the road.

I dont think the wheel is that cool, though. Apple paid Creative back, but still Creative has been losing money because of Apple since no one recognizes Creative anymore. I love Creative! I had one of the first Creative Zens. My primary mp3 player still is a years old MuVo, which has such an ingenious and smart design. Hmmm, I've never checked out the Creative Zen.

Sync iTunes Playlist to iPod Shuffle or iPod Classic on iTunes (12.7)

You got me curious, though I probably will never abandon iTunes. Too lazy. Although I am definitely impressed by the specs, I couldn't find a Creative model with as high capacity as I need. So, I shall stick to the ipod classic. You are right about all that except the last point. Ipods work with several music stores, you just buy files compatible with Ipods, for example mp3, it doesn't only work with Itunes.

Gapless playback is a very basic feature and isn't included on Zens, pauses inbetween songs which is annoying, they also have far less capacity. This means that the docking station was required for connection to a computer. Due to its low processing power, the only iTunes-supported file format that the iPod did not support is Apple Lossless. On January 30, , Apple announced the addition of four new colors to the iPod Shuffle line - pink, orange, green, and blue, in addition to the original silver color. The orange color was a first for the iPod franchise.

They also now came with new redesigned headphones that were not included with the original silver model. The box was also changed to have gray text instead of the lime-green text. On September 5, , Apple introduced four new colors, including a Product Red version. The new colors were turquoise, lavender, mint green, and Product Red , with the previous colors discontinued. At the Apple Let's Rock Event on September 9, , Apple once again released four new colors for the iPod Shuffle: blue, green, pink, and red, replacing the colors that were released in September The new blue, green and pink variants of the iPod Shuffle reverted to shades that were similar to the colors that were released in January The third-generation iPod Shuffle was released on March 11, and was said by Apple to be "jaw-droppingly small" and "The first music player that talks to you".

It was available with a silver or black brushed aluminum case similar to the second generation iPod Shuffle; this made it the first iPod Shuffle that was available in black. It featured VoiceOver technology that allowed song names, artist names, album names and playlist contents and names to be spoken in 20 different languages [12] using the Text-to-Speech incorporated in iTunes 8 and 9. It also gained support for multiple playlists, in contrast to previous versions of the iPod Shuffle, which allowed only a single playlist.

The third-generation iPod Shuffle featured a polished steel attachment clip, adopting for the first time the polished steel finishing previously found only on the larger iPods, rather than the brushed aluminum used in the second-generation iPod Shuffle. It also no longer had volume or track controls on the device itself. Instead, the packaged iPod earbuds included a three-button device on the right earbud cord. However, since the device began playing music automatically when it was turned on, third-party headphones could still be used in "autoplay" mode with no volume or playback controls , and after its release, some third-party headphones and headphone adapters began to include full support for the third generation.

DRM is not however present in the chip as there is no encryption used. According to the compatibility list published in Apple's website, [16] none of the currently sold Apple headphones support the third-generation iPod shuffle.

go to link On September 9, , Apple introduced three new colors for the iPod Shuffle: pink, blue, and green. On September 1, the fourth and final generation was released [18] as part of the new iPod lineup. The fourth generation features the return of clickable track and volume controls from the first two generations. It also features Genius , and can handle multiple playlists. It was originally sold in five colors silver with a black control pad, green, blue, orange and pink with a white control pad.

However, on September 12, , Apple held an event to formally introduce the iPhone 5, as well as a new iPod lineup, and the iPod Shuffle remained unchanged except for seven new color options silver or black with a black control pad or green, blue, pink, yellow, and purple with a white control pad , as well as a Product Red edition model with a white control pad. The included in-box headphones do not feature the remote control, but the device supports them.

On September 10, , to coincide with the release of the iPhone 5S , the "Slate" color option was replaced with "Space Grey". On July 15, , Apple released 6 new colors blue, pink, silver, gold, space grey, and Product Red for the iPod Shuffle. On July 27, , Apple announced that it is discontinuing the iPod shuffle along with the iPod Nano.

iPod Classic Vs. iPhone

The iPod Shuffle was announced at the same time as the Mac Mini. Like the iPod Shuffle, the Mac Mini is a scaled-down product which has been introduced at a lower price. These two products together can be seen as a conscious effort on the part of Apple management to target a lower-end market and increase visibility in the mass-market. Previously, the success of Apple's iPod and especially the iPod Mini had been chipping away at the inexpensive flash player market, causing flash players at the beginning of to account for less than half the market share they did in By April , the end of Apple's second fiscal quarter, the iPod Shuffle had already proven itself to be a successful product for its manufacturer.

Small, but…

Although Apple has chosen not to specify how many iPod Shuffles were sold in the product's first three months of existence, analysts at Piper Jaffray estimated that 1. PC World reported a problem with the first-generation iPod Shuffles ceasing normal function, only to flash orange and green lights and become unmountable. Since the Shuffle has no display, the owner cannot read an error message or troubleshoot easily, requiring diagnosis by Apple service personnel.

Flashing green and orange lights on the iPod Shuffle indicate that a generic "error" has occurred, according to Apple's documentation. Unlike most other portable audio players, the third-generation iPod Shuffle's controls are situated on the packaged headphones. The user is unable to control the device unless they use either Apple headphones designed for it, or third-party headphones or adapters that must be licensed by Apple.