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He may be allowed to use the property on permission, but his parents are not under any obligation to allow him to live there. Moreover, a grandson does not have rights over the self-acquired property of his grandfather. A property is not considered as an ancestral property if it was gifted by a father to his son. Therefore, an individual cannot claim his share in a property which was gifted to his father by his grandfather. The property which a son or a daughter receives as a gift from the father becomes their self-acquired property.

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In such cases, the grandchildren have no legal right in a property their grandfather gifted to his son or daughter which he could have gifted to any other person, too. Such a property is considered as self-acquired property unless there is a clear expression of intention by the grandfather to make it an ancestral property. What questions did it answer for you? Who these people are. What their motivation is. What the keys are. How we can prevent this from happening in the future. What the circle of violence is. And what the legacy of war is and what they believe in, the mythology behind their beliefs.

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This is how we can dismantle it. This is a war against ideology, not against specific people or groups. They get killed because they ask for it. This is their quest, to be killed for Allah.

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To be a martyr. Then a new generation continues and a new generation, etcetera, etcetera.

So my question was, How can I capture the motivation that makes them capable of bringing people to their side? And what is that motivation? There are many things, but I believe the status of education in the Third World is the most dangerous thing.

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The violence in schools, violence in houses — all of this can lead people, at some point, to carry weapons. But what we can do is take the violence out of religion, out of society. How hard was it to go back and forth from being at the front and being at your new home in Berlin? It was really bad. Very scary. Especially when I was back in Berlin. I was a shadow, a ghost of a person.

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It changed me totally, this film. I will never do something like this again. I knew it was the only way to prevent myself from going back and being in real danger. Did al-Nusra ever come close to figuring out that you were lying? Even after filming, he communicated with me — Abu Osama — after the end of filming.

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I have to block all your accounts, you and your friends, until everything goes away. Write me; call me when you feel safe. And I heard that he was just killed. The 17th of October of this year. Two, three weeks ago. Oh, wow, Abu Osama just died? He was dismantling a car bomb. Someone was filming him from his mobile at the moment he was bombed.

Have you watched the video? I watched the video. Are you worried about that? I stopped doing interviews in Arabic. Have you taken security precautions? Do you have a bodyguard or something? No, no. Not with them. That would be for neighbors or people in your area — they can stop them.

But these people, if they want to do something …. They do it. Freedom, for me, is the most valuable thing. To have a bodyguard? To have police at your door? What will the future look like? What choices do we have? The children are those who enable us to emotionally experience and understand the complex tragedy of Syria. Often, they are the ones who can look through all the madness, and in their own childlike way, they can save the hope.

Of Fathers and Sons is my personal journey through a devastated country and a troubled society, looking for answers to my desperate questions about the future of my country and the future of my family who had to flee into exile. Talal Derki was born in Damascus and is based in Berlin since He studied film directing in Athens and worked as an assistant director for many feature film productions and was a director for different Arab TV programs between and Talal Derkis short films and feature length documentaries received many awards at a variety of festivals.

Of Fathers and Sons. The sheer level of personal danger-zone access secured by Derki is something to marvel and puzzle over. Sincerely eye-popping in its portrayal of inherited Islamist fervor.

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