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You come from silence, and you speak your truth. You cannot be quieted, because your voice is within everyone. The overcast of the soul an Angel converts into a shinny present moment.

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It is incredible that you, My Angel, cleared the sky of injustice and the joyous forest of my heart was happy to feel your gentle but firm freedom sunlight steps on the fertile ground of fearlessness. And I heard millions of tears of joy, falling from above, I smelled a symphony of inspiration, in a feast of redwoods witnessing our awakening while telling us that life is a Cosmic intervention in every detail. Then the resistance gardens of my lungs were filled with the oxygen of courage and compassion.

What is more full of life? And even a dying bush is a miracle seen by the light of your forgiving eyes, those drops of satyagraha defying the authority of the gravity of poverty… millions of mirrors hanging in there, alive, with their transparency, in a revolution of beauty and generosity, reflecting your face in every direction. The equanimity of generations of thirsty citizen ferns who have patiently waited for the rain of justice and have learnt the lesson of billions of years of cooperation while observing competitive aggressive species coming and going.

The soft fresh carpet of colorful green mosses capturing the awe of our moistening evolution, kissing the trunk of a graceful Ahimsa oak in the winter of scarcity. Then the roaring of the wind and a choir of crisis intimidating for its invitation to fly above the crumbling structures… a majestic concert of percussions of molecules knocking the resistance drums of our skin embracing our two times 30 trillion cells… and we stop WALKing and pretend that we fly with open arms and then the wise red tail hawk shows us the way: unperturbed by the currents of change, sees the clouds passing by in stillness, flying in stillness, sharing the secret of how the divine reveals to life.

Because the beauty lies in the realization that when we WALK with an angel, you will fly in stillness within the Cosmos of your being, and you will loose all notions of boundaries to join the timeless universality of our Clear Light. Nothing in the Universe can prevent the collapse of the luminous star before a supernova, as my love for you, and for humanity, My Angel, is unstoppable.

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Your Angel awaits in the mantram of your breath, and in between your inhale and exhale, I will join you in our Cosmic celebration. We can! I used to have an armor around my spirit and then I learnt that clad in the panoply of love human hatred cannot reach you. Bring the face of your Beloved before you as I do when I see your face in the sky of your dancing joy. Then you put your lips on my lips and lit another holy lamp inside my heart.

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It is ecstasy to discover that your unbearable Divine Light, My Angel, is inside of me too. As I was delivering the message to My Life, his astronomical magic appeared and never left my stronger heart in bliss because each heartbeat is the softest kiss. Awakened Flight It is our responsibility to try to persuade our people to not walk over the cliff.

If we fail to show them the different paths of light to change their belief, it is also our responsibility to construct, for all, a net of kindness, love and compassion for their fall. Love and Life: The Quintessential Symbiosis Our star, blind is to the beauty of Earth without sunlight and futile are the attempts of life to survive without these unconditional love rays. This deep silence, a serenade to the soul, as shivers tingled down the length of the essence of my essence and your music, Beloved One, transcend senses and generations, because our uncovered Self is clearly infinite in the great and in the small.

How can I love life so intensely without grasping it at the heart? How can I make truth real without living it at thought, word and action? How can I serve all life without feeling inseparable from the Universe? How can life manifest without your sunlight? How can life be brought to clear focus without the awareness of death? Love and Life, as the non fragmented existence of our collective being, as a fractal of compassion, courage and wisdom, is the Quintessential Symbiosis.

The Generous Photon How do you thank the persistent photon whose million-kilometer pilgrimage, in the middle of the winter, ended up in your skin with a warm kiss? Have you ever welcomed, with the windows of your soul, those pieces of light who have bounced off from the rings of Saturn? What did you say? What did you feel? What is your almighty role? Have you assimilated, my angel, that letter of love from the Universe describing a brave photon from Andromeda, who left his home in a poetic verse, 2.

Thus, Beloved One, your millions of tenacious photons of love and courage permeate every corner of this planet. It is their unstoppable loadstone task, to reach your charming beating magnet, and more sooner than later, those photons of The Great Turning will merge with your servant heart, my darling. The existence of a photon satyagrahi, dispel darkness and brings light. Giving light is natural for a star. Then is when I realized that a photon lives in community too.

Individual photons, from the same source, become ONE wave, not we, not two. A quantum mystery for your continuous divine path. It is our collective co-creation of magical light, a chain of generous photons moving in stillness at the speed of love producing smiles. The illegal lover The Moon shines in my body and so is the Sun and the planets and the stars and the galaxies. The beautiful light of eternity is within me but my blind eyes cannot see it.

My love for you, my angel, is written in the history of time and I need no papers to show it. My home is everywhere I go, including your heart, and I need no permission to stay in this part of the planet, because I adore you.

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Bureaucrazy asked for a green card but I only have a red heart saying your name, Beloved One, in every heartbeat. And you might build prisons, and borders and walls but how does the air know the difference? How do the stars stop shining in the side of your country? How do the currents in the Oceans stop flowing in between imaginary lines? How do the magical meteor showers discriminate the non-real divisions below? How does the Milky Way get deported from the night sky? How does the Sun show her passport? How do the undocumented clouds are blocked from flying to your town?

How do you know the nationality of the oxygen molecules visiting your lungs? How does the fierce hurricane of my love can be delayed to reach the coasts of your heart? This is my immigrant illegal love for you: to block deadly projects and the gates of weapons of hate to liberate libraries to emancipate public spaces to occupy the plazas to shut down ports of greed to work the land to nourish your body to cherish your soul to tenderly enchant your heart with my unconditional love for you, your children and the children of your children.

My illegal love has existed since the beginning of time… and, as the letters of a lover, as your first kiss, you will remember us as new worlds to be discovered. As citizens and farmers of the World, our illegal love has existed since the beginning of time… when you look into our eyes, my dear, when we look into each other sunshines you will understand how much we love you, because this is an unconditional timeless borderless love that has crossed the entire Universe with the only purpose to hug you.

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As citizens and farmers of the World, our planetary letters will penetrate the walls of prisons to tear down the imperial dehumanization with hope, truth, detachment and love. As citizens and farmers of the World, our visa is that of the disobedient-servant-cross-pollinating monarch butterflies or that of the subversive meditative gray whales.

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We will cross the oceans to heal your children and to bring smiles to your communities. In an illegal Big Bang of service in stillness, our humble love for you, my angel, is filling your Supreme Soul with an ever expanding happiness, aliveness and joy. So, my dear, feel my lips, my arms and my unconditional service holding you tight, embracing you in community.

So, my angel, enjoy the fresh-organic-superlocal honey of our dreams, shadows and juicy fruits of harmony. So, my dear, make prophets not profits, and be subversive. So, my Love, live in ultimate perfection: wholeness.

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Ultimate perfection, my angel, has a way of protecting itself by always showing us there are a few more details to finish. Thank you Beloved One, now we know that another name for subversive is radical love.

get link This sky where we live is no place to lose our wings so love, love, love! Again How do you know if I really love you, my angel?