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The original theme tune can be found here: However, there is no need to play it this fast! Coordination of the different rhythms in each hand will make HT playing a slow process at first.

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It is vitally important not to rush this stage, and you may need to be very clear to students about enforcing this. Many will want to play it up to speed as soon as possible and may neglect the precise directions of the score, playing partly by ear instead.

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It will not be suitable for exam performance if its details have not been practised slowly. Otherwise it would be better to keep it as a fun piece and choose something else for the exam. Fitting appropriate, made-up words or phrases to the rhythms can be an easy way of promoting understanding and accuracy, whereas counting will be vital for some students, to ensure correct delivery of the jazzy syncopated rhythms. Measure out all the quavers in bars 1 and 2 - and tap LH first, which makes the repetition of it easier to grasp. The RH is also repetitive but cuts the bar up differently.

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Some will pick this up by ear without any trouble but for those who are struggling, it may even be worth getting them to draw patterns to help them understand how it all fits together. If the player is unable to jump for the last chord, a repeat at the same pitch could be preferable to a completely inaccurate chord.

This certainly removes a difficulty, which is the need to move in opposite directions with only a very short time to reposition the RH in a specific shape. They developed a new and much less costly way of cartooning but even so they could interest no one.

Meet the Flintstones [Beginner Piano] (PlayTime Piano Popular Level 1)

It was a success from the start. Huckleberry Hound was a sensation.

And now the Flintstones are rolling and gathering no moss. Musicman Hoyt Curtin, 38, put it in. As musical director for the cartoon favorite, Curtin believes this is the first time in any TV series that the Wagnerian approach has been applied so extensively to a score. In other words, each main character has his own theme. This is then orchestrated and handled to fit the situation as it occurs.

Each week, they cavort through a series of hilarious adventures in Stone Age Suburbia.

(Meet) The Flintstones (Easy Play Piano) Sheet Music by Joseph Barbera

Bea Benadaret and Mel Blanc, top entertainers in their own right, provide the voices for Betty and Barney. Curtin works 60 hours a week at this sort of thing — applying music to characters. For the men in the show — Fred and Barney — the dominant instrument is a bass clarinet. Picking the music and instrument to fit the character and situation of a Flintstone episode can be trying at times.

Open up your heart… and let the sun shine in.

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