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But we only see him in the ring once, for a hard-won title defence during which he sustains a grave cranial trauma that throws his entire life into a daze. It is both completely integral and beautifully beside the point. Yet like every character here, just when you think you have the measure of Andre, the film shows you something new, rounds off his edges — in other words makes him fully human, rather than just a slalom pole stuck in the plot.

But caring for her newly invalid husband is extraordinarily testing work, and Whittaker absorbingly feels her way through its moral and emotional complexities.

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Acting out disability is a notorious minefield, but Considine sensitively underplays it — a little humming and tutting, a finger raised hesitantly to his chin or lip, a constant sense he is trying to mentally reach back through time to find the man he once was. He makes the tics talk.

The Journeyman

The film is not looking for a scapegoat. It just lets its characters live.

With this he came up to London and went to live as a journeyman with an eminent peruke-maker at the Court end of the town. Journeyman , on the other hand, was nobody at all, a ghost of the fancy.

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  • A skilled artisan who works on hire for master artisans rather than for himself. Words related to journeyman tradesman , worker , artisan , craftsman.

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    Words nearby journeyman journalism , journalist , journalistic , journalize , journey , journeyman , journeywork , journo , joust , jouve , jouy print. Examples from the Web for journeyman He'll be played by Grahame Fox, a journeyman Welsh actor who's appeared on the U. Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens.

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