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Would you like to rate and review this book? Add a Review Maybe Later. His Eyes Bookstrand Publishing Romance. Regan Taylor. Be the first to write a review. Notify Me. Not in stock Click 'Notify Me' to get an email alert when this item becomes available. There was one question, however, he hadn't considered. One that would have had him quickly rethinking pursuing the dark haired woman who seemed to appear out of nowhere and found a place in his heart.

When Melanie Hughes looked into Mike Malone's eyes, she was sure she saw someone else in those emerald green orbs, someone she loved and lost so very long ago. Can two souls born in different lifetimes find their way together in yet another? Let's Try No, Thanks. Select the List you'd like to categorise as, or add your own. Here you can mark if you have read this book, reading it or want to read. You added your first item into your Library. To be sure. The next thing I'll ask around a mouth-full is how in the hell did you do that? Tri That 75 copies sold was way below the average.

Unfortunately what we often hear is true: You can't tell if or how well a book is going to sell. The story I disliked the most actually made the Bestsellers list at Fictionwise by selling hundreds of copies there. The one I like the most hardly sells any copies at all. Just a note from a Siren-BookStrand author -- My publishers reached the 2 million books sold mark today, so I'd say they're doing something right.

Congratulations to the Siren-BookStrand publishing team! You're a joy to work with! I can see them having way better than average sales. Their books are everywhere. I say bravo. It shows they are doing something right. How many individual titles have they had on the shelves during the time that 2M were sold?

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I'm sure Publish America can say that they have a two million sales, too. Too bad it's only 2 sales of a million different titles. Not saying that's the case here, just that that statement is misleading. Those are the facts I'm curious about. ETA: Looks like they had their th title published on September 28th. That can't be right. That number is more than double what EREC reports as "average total sales for books out for one year or more" from Samhain and Ellora's Cave.

I agree, if those numbers are accurate I'd say they're miles above many other epublishers. Wow, how wonderful for them if those numbers are accurate. I've been watching SP since they opened back in , and I must say that to me, at least, they remain an enigma. The little I hear about them remains mostly positive, and though I've never had dealings with them, many of us blog readers noticed how quickly they move to put out a quality product.

Over the years, they've dumped three writers that I'm aware of when reviewers assigned low grades to certain titles. Seems they run a tight ship, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Although, I do hope their vetting process has improved Each time it happened, I was like, "d'oh!

I watch the same names circling the Big Five and to a lesser extent, what I call the second tier. These authors are not at Siren. None of this is to say that Siren isn't a great publisher in its own right; I particularly loved them for stepping in to help out ex-Triskelion authors. But after reading some of the numbers being bandied about, I keep waiting for a "big get. Hell, Red Rose published two extremely popular NY-pubbed authors.

Even New Concepts got some play a few years ago from NY-pubbed authors before they burned down their company. So, yeah, I'm cynical. There are three publishers listed in the title of the thread. Which one hit 2M or was it a total for all three and which one has books? I believe the 2 million is from sales at all outlets for all their imprints, and yes, they have released individual titles. Is the total number of titles contributing to the 2 mill figure? Currently both numbers cannot be confirmed-- including those now out of print?

His Eyes (Bookstrand Publishing Romance)

Where, exactly, did both numbers cone from? Those numbers were released by my publisher. If you have issue with them, and I don't understand why you would, please feel free to contact them. My only "issue" is to ensure I don't make any comment unless numbers are both accurate and issued publically or directly to me per book by the author, per publisher by the publisher.

That should qualify as "from the publisher.

His Eyes (Bookstrand Publishing Romance) -

From all sources. Launched: January 1, Number of Authors: Number of Published Titles: So that's total sales since across all branches of their company and from all vendors? That would give an average of 2, If they're doing that good, they might be someone for me to check out.

So that's total sales since across all branches of their company and from all vendors? The thing I wonder though: if they're doing that good, why didn't you jump as soon as you heard the numbers? Likely the same reason I didn't when I heard them: skepticism. Siren flies well below the radar of most writers I know.

Ask anyone who's either epubbed or submitting to epubs who the big three or big five are and you rarely, if ever, see Siren in the response.