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Cut Video Trim the necessary part of your video. Choose file. Fast Video Cutting The program allows you to move the two markers to select the beginning and ending of your clip. Completely Online You do not need to download or install anything on your device, that is not only faster but also more secure. High Level of Security Only you can access your uploaded files because the tool uses premium online security.

Additional Settings With the software you are free to convert your video to any desirable format along with the editing. User-friendly Interface You do not need special video editing skills to use the tool, it is completely intuitive. Use the online video trimmer easily Move the markers to select the desired beginning and ending of the video.

Step 2 Cut your video Your video is added, now you can choose the beginning and ending, and cut it. Step 3 Download the file Once your video is processed, you can save it to your device or back to Google Drive or Dropbox. Resources Guides How to cut your video step by step. Guides How to crop a video on PC or Mac. Guides How to split a video clip online.

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Could you cut me a small piece of cheese , please? He cut the cake into six pieces. The razor slipped while he was shaving and he cut himself. Cutting and stabbing.

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B2 [ T ] to make something shorter , lower , smaller , etc. We need to cut our advertising costs. Computerization should enable us to cut production costs by half.

Our expectations are that the UK will cut its interest rate. The government announced today that it is to cut funding for the arts for next year. The supermarket chain announced that it was cutting prices on all its fresh and frozen meat.

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Becoming and making smaller or less. B2 [ T ] to remove something from something else :. The sex scenes had been cut out of the TV version of the film. Any scenes of violence had been cut. We will have to cut the bits about the president's wife. Removing and getting rid of things. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Operating computers. Your son has been cutting classes. Avoiding action. He started to explain , but she cut him short. Just cut it out! I've had enough of your time wasting.

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Cancelling and interrupting. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Causing something to end. Linguistics: expressions telling people to stop doing something. The baby's cutting a tooth. That's why she's crying. The teeth. Who's going to cut the cards? Card games.

When did the Stones cut their first record? Recording sounds and images. Idioms can't cut it.

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Phrasal verbs cut across sth. B1 [ C ] an injury made when the skin is cut with something sharp :. Sirloin is the most expensive cut of beef. I don't like the cut of these jeans. C1 [ C ] a reduction in the number , amount , or rate of something:. Students and workers were out on the streets protesting against the cuts.

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Economics. The movie contains some very violent scenes , so some cuts were made when it was shown on TV. When am I going to get my cut? Idioms a cut above. The original movie was almost four hours long , but it was later cut to two hours.

He was cutting classes and getting failing grades. To get to school I cut through the field. When did Elvis cut his first record? Iron deficiency in women cuts across all socioeconomic levels. He was advised to cut back on sugary sodas. Seat belts have cut down the number of injuries in car accidents. I was talking to Jeff when Amy cut in. Next time you get free concert tickets , cut me in.

click We were cut off in the middle of our phone conversation. He claimed that a truck had cut him off just before the accident. Some critics say the proposed amendment is effectively cutting others out of the planning process.

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She can cut through the confusing statistics and get at the important facts. Idioms cut both ways. Cut it out! Many workers had to take a cut in pay. For the TV version , they made several cuts in the movie.