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Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Ailes sans Lui French Edition Free download. You know, maybe he'd stop. And I actually didn't think that it would go on at Fox, but it did continue. Shortly after she got her promotion is when she claims Ailes 'ordered' her engage in a sex act with another woman. And practically getting sick. And yes, I mean, it was horrible. With her new promotion came new demands by Ailes, according to Luhn, who claimed she had to engage in sadomasochistic sex with another woman while Ailes took photos and starting in engage in phone sex with Ailes from her office.

Bush's campaign, Luhn took a job with him at Fox News. He stopped with the hotel sessions around this time, she claims, and gave her a new task. It was after that breakdown that Luhn, then an event planner for Fox News, decided to tell the network about what she alleges was 20 years of sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes.

Luhn made the decision to go public despite the terms of her settlement after Gretchen Carlson filed her lawsuit against Ailes, first reaching out to the lawyers conducting an internal investigation at the network and then granting her first interview. Because she signed a non-disclosure however there is a chance that she could loss the money she received in her settlement. She also suggested that there was a good reason to believe that Ailes would not pursue legal action against her for speaking out.

Luhn is someone I once regarded as a friend and a person who I helped for many years. In the wake of her sexual harassment claims multiple other women detailed similar incidents involving Ailes, including Fox News' then-star host Megyn Kelly. Wedded bliss: Ailes married his wife Elizabeth in couple above in , ten years after he first met Luhn.

Ailes marchantes et ailes brisées

Luhn detailed more about her years with Ailes while speaking to Sherman, starting with how they first met. She said that she met Ailes in while working in the accounting department for the Bush campaign at their Washington DC headquarters. She was 28 at the time and made a point of introducing herself to Ailes once day, saying she wanted to go into political communications like him, and days later he allegedly urged her to call him if she ever had any questions.

Luhn claims she made her first call to Ailes in when she was in danger of losing her job, and he told her to meet him at his DC office. Ailes told Luhn he did not have a position for her, she claims, and then asked her a series of personal questions before inquiring if she could give him a ride to the airport. They stopped for food first said Luhn, and she then took Ailes to catch his flight. Luhn was given some work by Ailes soon after that. More women coming forward: Gretchen Carlson left and Megyn Kelly right have also accused Ailes of sexual harassment. Then, on January 16, , Luhn alleges that Ailes had her meet him at his hotel suite wearing a garter and pair of stockings he had asked her to buy and dance for him, which he filmed with a video camera.

That is when Luhn claims Ailes began to speak in a trance-like voice, saying: 'Tell me you will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. At any time, at any place when I call. No matter where I call you, no matter where you are. Do you understand? You will follow orders. If I tell you to put on your uniform, what are you gonna do, Laurie? Luhn claims she then performed oral sex on Ailes at his request, and that he later showed her the video he made of her dancing, telling her: 'I am going to put it in a safe-deposit box just so we understand each other.

Five years later the harassment became more frequent claims Luhn, who secured a job working on a public affairs program that was airing on a new cable network - Fox News. Ailes helped get her in the door, and Luhn said she loved her job with the network.

The visits to hotels to meet Ailes for sex continued claims Luhn, but became a problem when her co-workers in the DC office began to question her frequent trips to New York City for work. The trips eventually led to problems with her boss in DC, something Luhn claims Ailes dealt with by calling her to New York and telling her she was being promoted. After Ailes gave her the news she was told to call her boss from the CEO's extension, to make it clear that she was being protected by the network.

It had been 18 years since she first introduced herself to Ailes at this point and Luhn said she was suffering emotionally and then had a mental breakdown. She was kept under Ailes' watchful eye after that, she claims, and he monitored all her correspondence while also lashing out when he learned she was taking medication for her anxiety. He said that to me for 20 years. Why do you think I got so messed up? Luhn left New York eventually and spent time in California and then her home state of Texas while remaining on the payroll at Fox News. Then, sometime in late or early she wrote a letter to a Fox News lawyer detailing the 20 years of sexual harassment she experienced at the hands of Ailes.

The legal and financial risks are big, but Luhn said: 'The truth shall set you free. Nothing else matters. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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